Has one of your trees fallen or injured your property in any way? Trees that have fallen can cause problems that require immediate attention by crashing through walls, roofs, windows, cars, electrical wires, and other structures. You can rely on your neighborhood, independently owned and managed fast emergency tree removal in apple valley by us. Within 24 hours, we will return your call.

Not every emergency gets caused by a disaster or an accident. Choose our team to remove any trees you desire.

Identifying Your Tree Removal Emergency

Plan urgent service for:

Tree Removal from a Fallen Tree. 

It is urgent to remove any trees that are lying on your roof, impeding your home’s entrance or your driveway.

Take Precautions for Bad Weather.

You may put off taking down a beloved old tree that is past its prime before realizing that storm season is rapidly approaching. Before winter ice, summer thunderstorms, or hurricane season, cut down any potentially hazardous trees.

Removal Before Construction. 

If a tree gets blocking the new addition, it must get removed immediately. 

Trees that Need to get Removed Before Selling your Home

It will prevent you from delaying your contractor’s schedule. Some homeowners need to sell their homes quickly, yet dead or obstructive trees may reduce the property value. Remove unattractive trees or stumps to prepare your home for sale.

We aim to work with homeowners to provide everyone access to healthy, robust, and beautiful trees. For this reason, we provide expert, all-inclusive tree services carried out by teams of highly trained arborists at each of our independently owned and run facilities dedicated to offering the best services at reasonable costs.

We cherish trees. They help the environment by providing shade, safety, aesthetic value, and clean air. Both you and your neighbors benefit from having healthy trees around your property. That is why we are committed to doing what we do—improving the world one yard at a time.

Many homeowners choose us as their first choice because of our commitment to offering a full-service, holistic approach to tree care at fair and honest costs.

Each site strives to fulfill the following goals as part of our mission:

  • Modern tools
  • Expert expertise
  • Cutting-edge tree care techniques
  • Free assessments of hazardous trees
  • On-site crane operation
  • Specific locations

Providing the Best Possible Customer Service in the Market

Serving our customers means providing them with the best customer service they have ever received because we value and respect them. We feel happy that we never use hidden fees and our costs are always open and shut.

Our entire staff gets dedicated to offering the following services:

  • Professional, on-time service
  • Responsive and upfront estimates
  • Industry best practices that are green and efficient
  • Tree health and removal service with the highest level of safety
  • Fully insured service delivered by qualified experts

You can rely on our crew, which gets privately owned and operated, to carefully prune your trees and shrubs by industry best practices. Every homeowner should be able to afford and access maintain their trees. Count on us to protect your trees and your wallet!

Professionals Provide Quick and Fast Emergency Tree Removal

You can rely on us to remove any tree that needs to go, whether a downed tree removal or a planned takedown on a strict schedule. You get:

A Quick Response when you Hire Us. 

To handle your emergency tree removal, a team member will answer your phone during regular business hours or give you a call back within 24 hours.

Planning Based on Priorities. 

We will take care of the most urgent problems as quickly as possible. We remove trees that block or sit on your home, dangerous branches, or other structures.

Prompt Service. 

Our thoroughly cleans everything that needs to get removed. If there are a lot of fallen trees in the region due to severe weather, we might finish large or complicated operations in two or three visits.

We’ll Keep Returning Till the Task gets Completed at Decent Costs. 

We do not profit from difficult situations. Even though some services may be more expensive on short notice, we don’t raise prices merely because a crisis calls for our assistance.

For fast emergency tree removal in apple valley, contact us. We will try to call you back within 24 hours if we can not take your call. We will assess the damage in the daytime and collaborate with you, the authorities, your neighbors, and any other contractors for tree removal and cleanup.

Removal of Fallen Trees by Experts

We offer qualified, experienced, and insured staff. We employ the most up-to-date tools and safest procedures to prevent future harm to your property.

fast emergency tree removal in apple valley

Locate Quick Emergency Tree Removal Close to Me

We are prepared to assist if you quickly need to remove a tree for whatever cause. For fast emergency tree removal in apple valley, call us or get a price estimate for a routine removal online.


If a Tree Falls on My House, What Should I do?

Don’t worry first. Naturally, you should ensure that everyone in your house is secure and that all your pets are present.
Turn off the electricity at your breaker box, leave the house, and dial 911 if you know or think a tree has damaged electrical lines. Call your insurance provider fast to feel secure to begin a claim.
Capture the damage to your home once emergency personnel has given you the all-clear to rent it out. Or take as many shots while keeping your distance before seeking cover elsewhere. Then, make the necessary repairs as soon as possible by calling Monster Tree Service to quickly and safely remove the tree from your home.

Who is in charge of tree limbs that are on electrical lines?

The electrical company is responsible for fixing wires from the street to your home and removing trees or limbs that fall on public power lines to a certain extent. The mast (the pole that transfers power from the city to your home), the wire that runs from the mast to the meter, or the connector on your home may all fall under your purview as the property owner.

What is the difference in price between emergency tree removal and planned removal?

Just because it is an emergency does not mean that tree removal will cost more. At times of crisis, we do not raise our pricing. We charge for each word separately. However, larger and more complicated operations could be more expensive than a typical removal.

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