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1. Why is it important to take care of trees?
Trees provide benefits, such as producing oxygen, improving air quality, reducing carbon dioxide levels, providing shade, reducing noise pollution, and enhancing the beauty of the landscape. Proper tree care is essential for trees to remain healthy and provide long-term benefits.
2. What are some signs that a tree needs professional care?
Signs of a tree needing professional care include dead branches, cracks in the trunk or major branches, disease or insect infestation, and signs of decay or rot. If you notice any of these signs, it is best to have a professional arborist evaluate the tree.
3. What is an arborist?
An arborist is a tree care professional who specializes in tree care and maintenance. They identify issues, provide care recommendations, and perform a variety of services.
4. What types of services do tree care companies offer?
Tree care companies typically offer a range of services, including tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, tree planting, and tree health evaluations.
5. Is it necessary to have a professional company perform tree care services?
Tree care tasks are dangerous and require specialized knowledge and equipment. For the safety of yourself and your property, it's generally best to have a professional company perform tree care services.
6. How often should I have my trees pruned?
The frequency of tree pruning depends on factors, including the type of tree, its age, and its location. Trees should be pruned every 3-5 years, but some may require more frequent pruning.
7. What is the best time of year to have tree work done?
The best time of year for tree work depends on the type of tree and the specific type of work being done. Tree pruning should not be done during the tree's active growth period. Tree removal and other major tree work are typically best done during the dormant season when the tree is not actively growing.
8. What can I do to ensure that my trees remain healthy?
Proper tree care is essential for ensuring the health of your trees. Some things you can do to help keep your trees healthy include watering them regularly, fertilizing them as needed, mulching around the base of the tree, and having them inspected by a professional arborist. You can also avoid damaging the tree by not over-pruning it or avoiding activities that could damage the roots, such as digging or driving over the roots.

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