Minnesota’s All Year Tree Care Professionals know that some trees require high-risk climbing techniques to ensure they are maintained and cared for. Our team arborists are trained in the latest high-risk climbing techniques to safely and effectively work on trees that are difficult to access.

High-risk climbing is necessary, when trees are in hard-to-reach areas, such as steep slopes, cliffs, or dense forest areas. Our team is equipped with the latest safety equipment and tools to ensure that they can access these trees safely and with minimal impact on surrounding vegetation.

Minnesota’s All Year Tree Care takes great care to assess each tree before beginning any high-risk climbing work, ensuring that the tree is structurally sound and stable. We also take steps to minimize the impact of our work on the surrounding environment, such as using protective mats to protect vegetation and landscaping.

If you have trees that require high-risk climbing services. Contact Minnesota’s All Year Tree Care today.

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